93 Bronte Rd
Oakville, ON
L6L 3B7


If you would like to make a reservation please message us with your name, desired date and time, number of guests and we will get back to you to confirm shortly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY BRUNCH RESERVATION: Due to the high demand for tables at brunch, we can only accept reservations up until 11.30am. After that, we operate on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to call us at 905 827 2378 when you are close, we will happily hold a table for 15 minutes for you if there is one available at the time. Otherwise come on by as there is a quick turnover and tables open up quickly.

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La Parisienne Crêperie was established in 1991 in Oakville, Ontario by Marie France and Pierre Colas after they immigrated from France with their son Mikael in 1988. After owning a restaurant in Paris, they decided to start looking for the perfect place and voilà! A Sunday drive down to Bronte harbour brought them to where we still stand 25 years later. Mikael grew up living and working at La Parisienne and after moving to Toronto for a time decided to travel and found himself working in Australia. There, he met his now wife Courtney with whom he fell immediately in love and decided to bring her back to Canada. After travelling together and enjoying different cuisines from around the world they decided that one day they needed their own restaurant to be able to share their passion for delicious food and beautiful wines. They married in May 2013 and returned to Canada to start persuing their dream. In December 2014 Marie France and Pierre retired from their unique restaurant they worked so hard to create and passed the baton to their son and daughter-in-law knowing it would be in the safest of hands.

So there you have it – the story of how we came to be here ready to delight with traditional and time tested French cuisine. So please, sit back, relax and let us transport you to a little piece of Paris.


At La Parisienne our focus is on traditional French cuisine. Everything is prepared on sight and made to order. At lunch time the French Onion soup is a must have (some people call ahead to reserve a bowl) as well as our Croque Monsieurs, savoury and dessert crêpes. For dinner we dim the lights, pour the wine and create a romantic and fun atmosphere for you to try a savoury dinner crêpe filled with different fillings, smothered in béchamel and baked in the oven to a delicious crisp golden brown and we know you’ll always find room for a dessert!